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GHCS -Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services : We as an organization are experts in Providing our Services in the Field of Healthcare , Wellness , Tourism and Hospitality. We are working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. So , in this endeavor we organize / co organize / provides our services in Exhibitions , Trade Fairs , Conventions , Conferences etc

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How to assist your foreign guests as a concierge? | 5 Star Hotel Bookings & Hospitality Solutions in Noida| Concept of Hospitality Desk Management in Hotels

How to assist your foreign guests as a concierge? | 5 Star Hotel Bookings & Hospitality Solutions in Noida| Concept of Hospitality Desk Management in Hotels

About concierge
A concierge is the one who performs multi-tasks. It can be a person or a company that provides concierge services. The main responsibilities of a concierge is booking of hotels, arranging for transportation facility (taxi, train or flight), etc.In simple words a concierge assists the guests with everything they need.

Being new to a country or any unfamiliar place makes it very difficult for a person to arrange for himself basic requirements like that of arranging for accommodation, transport facility or restaurant reservation. A concierge is the solution to every basic problem, of a foreign guest or any guest that belongs to the same country but different state. 


What tasks can a concierge perform?
  • Book tickets for the guest – The first and the foremost solution that a concierge can provide is that of booking tickets. Booking of tickets is not that easy like it sounds but a concierge can do anything possible for arranging tickets.
  • Arranging of transportation facilities – Getting a ride is one of the difficult task that a guest face. Concierge then comes to the rescue by arranging every transport facility that the guest might require, whether it is a cab, flight or train. You can ask for this facility beforehand when you are briefing about your requirements.
  • Assist you in doing your chores – Concierge can also help in all kinds of tasks related to your work. These tasks can be getting materials required such as a printer or file, arranging a courier service, mailing packages, and arranging a meeting space for you.
  • Keeping you safe – Other than fulfilling your basic requirements a concierge, being a native of the place, can also advice you to avoid going to certain places or might warn you for the activities that is considered illegal in the country that you are visiting.
  • Assist you for special needs – Another problem for a guest is language. Concierge can help you in this regard by arranging an interpreter or a translator. He can also look after your other special requirements like arranging of wheelchair, doctors and suggest the restaurants according to your preference.


Hospitality Solutions & Hotel Bookings

Hospitality refers to the relationship that is shared between the guest and the host. The host provides excellent services to the guest including receiving and entertainment of guests. It is the business of entertaining clients, conference delegates, or other official visitors. In terms, the act of kindness in welcoming and looking after the basic needs of guests or strangers, mainly in relation to food, drink and accommodation, is regarded as hospitality. The hospitality business is continuously growing with each passing year. It is an important growing sector in the world’s economy.

Hotel booking is a facility that comes under hospitality services. It is the decisions in which one has to keep in mind a lot of things. It is done considering various factors. These factors include the ambiance, location, food and goodwill of the hotel.


Concept of Hospitality Management

The term “hospitality management” refers to a variety of occupations and professional practices associated with the administration of hotels, resorts and other lodging. The most important aspect of the hospitality refer to warm welcome, reception and cordiality. Hospitality service is about creating a sense of well-being to the guests. It is a feeling that their needs are being met and their business is valued. The hospitality industry is a vast industry that includes the following industries:

  • Event management
  • Travel
  • Food and beverage
  • Hotels and resorts


Five Star Hotel Bookings & Hospitality Solutions in Noida

If you are looking for 5 Star Hotel Bookings & Hospitality Solutions then Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services will be the right option. The company arranges accommodation in 5 star hotels at the best price available. The company is very committed and efficient which makes it more reliable for the clients.

The company provides with the best hospitality and consultancy services in Delhi. It also helps the clients with hospital desk services and temp staff (manpower) services. The company is experienced since it is working in this sector from a very long period of time. It is a trusted brand name in Noida & is very dedicated in rendering the services.

The company also provides the services of fabrication & branding of stalls at an event. It is also the best organizer of India pavilion in events abroad. It is well known in Delhi & NCR for its splendid services in this sphere. It is the sole company that not only provides the facility of online promotions but also is very dedicated in physical and direct promotions of the event. It makes an effort to directly contact the potential attendees and convince them to attend the event by making them understand the output of the event. The company is one stop to register yourself for B2B Meetings & take your business to next level.

The company deals with providing services in the field of Healthcare, Wellness, Tourism and Hospitality. The company is working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. The company also organizes / co-organizes / provides services in Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Convention, and Conferences etc. Click here.

If you want to know more about consultancy services follow the link.


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