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GHCS -Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services : We as an organization are experts in Providing our Services in the Field of Healthcare , Wellness , Tourism and Hospitality. We are working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. So , in this endeavor we organize / co organize / provides our services in Exhibitions , Trade Fairs , Conventions , Conferences etc

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What are consultancy services? | Types of consultancy services | Best consultancy providers in Noida.

What are consultancy services? | Types of consultancy services | Best consultancy providers in Noida.

What do consultancy services mean?

Consultancy services are a part of the tertiary sector and record for a few hundred billion dollars in yearly incomes. Somewhere in the time period of of 2010 and 2015, the 10 biggest consultancy firms alone made 170 billion dollars income and the normal yearly growth rate of consultancy services is around 4%.

According to the research, Consultancy services are the services provided by a person or organizations to identify and investigate the problems concerned with policy, organisation, procedures and methods of the company. They recommend appropriate action and helps in implementing the provided recommendation against some fees. The type of consultancy firms vary depending upon the type of organizations they deal with. For example, it can be advertising or a technology firm.

Nature of Consultancy Services
Professional Consultancy services encompass a broad range of – activities but can all generally be defined by certain common characteristics. They are:

1.High Expertise

In the consultancy services, the product is ‘expertise’. Consultants are highly trained, well experienced and knowledgeable in a complex specialized area of expertise. They acquire the required skills by training and experience. They provide expert advice to their clients in the area of their specialization.

2. Membership in Professional Bodies

Consultants hold qualifications and accreditation in their field of expertise. They have to acquire the prescribed qualification and procedures to overcome the entry barriers in the field of consultancy services. Further membership of a professional society or governing body is also required.

3. Highly Customized Services

Consultancy services are tailored to meet client’s needs. This leads to greater customization of services and high levels of variance in service quality. These are high contact, people-based services with high degree of specialization.

4. Confidentiality

Consultancy services are provided to clients individually. These are provided on a basis built upon mutual trust and confidence. Credence plays an important role in the selection of a consultant. A consultant should have knowledge, integrity and reputation in their field.

5. Quality Services

The first preference is the quality of the service of consultancy. Quality is the pivot around which the consultancy service revolves. Sky is the limit for quality. Clients expect high quality of services from consultants at reasonable rates. If the consultants offer world class services, the task of its marketing is simplified. It is in this context that almost all the consultancy organizations have been found making 79 innovative efforts to develop a new perception of quality which helps them in achieving the desired results.


What do the consultancy services do?

Consultancy services are often hired by the companies for supplementation of their staff and to save the cost that would incur in hiring full-time employees. There is other kind of consultancy firms that involves working in a team-oriented project works in order to solve the problems of their clients. Consultancy services also provide other wide variety of assistance in internal functioning of a business which includes:

  • Training
  • Performing research for their external publications
  • Business services, personal services
  • Contribution in organizing any event of the company
  • Supplementing staff
  • Solve the problems of the company
  • Assisting in achieving goal of the company


Types of consultancy services:
  • Architecture and Engineering Financial services
  • Health care Management
  • Advertising/marketing/public relations consulting
  • Environmental consulting
  • Entertainment/media consulting
  • Energy consulting
  • Consulting in politics and the public sector
  • Real estate consulting
  • Hotel and hospitality industry
  • Human resources
  • Information technology
  • Legal


Best consultancy providers in Noida

Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services is one of the best consultancy service providers in Noida that deal with providing services in the field of Healthcare, Wellness, Tourism and Hospitality. The company is best in this field and there is no one in the market who can match up to their level of excellence. It is well known in Delhi & NCR for its splendid services in this sphere. The company is working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. The company also organizes / co-organizes / provides services in Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Convention, and Conferences etc.


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