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GHCS -Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services : We as an organization are experts in Providing our Services in the Field of Healthcare , Wellness , Tourism and Hospitality. We are working very closely with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. So , in this endeavor we organize / co organize / provides our services in Exhibitions , Trade Fairs , Conventions , Conferences etc

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Who is a Master of Ceremony (MC)? | Jobs for MC, How to earn high income in MC Job Profile. 

Who is a Master of Ceremony (MC)? | Jobs for MC, How to earn high income in MC Job Profile. 


Master of Ceremony (MC)

Master of ceremony is commonly known as MC or emcee. Master of ceremony is a person responsible for hosting all the staged events, performances or parties.  She generally introduces the speakers and performers, makes announcements and interacts with the audience in order to ensure the smooth flow of the event that is going on. The task of being a master of ceremonies might appear to be a challenging one.


Tips for MC

Here are few tips that will prove to be important to maintain the aura and charisma to entertain and host a show well:-

  • Prepare yourself before the event and know your event

Knowing about your event is the first and foremost thing. Whether it is a wedding, felicitation or celebrity roast you have to prepare yourself accordingly. Type of event gives an idea of how it should be hosted or carried. Keeping in track the information of what’s going on, what is coming next and what should be talked about are some key points to a successful MC.

  • Understanding your responsibilities

MC is responsible for maintaining a proper flow of the event and bridging between the segments of the event. They should ensure that the audience is indulged and entertained and they are having a lot fun. The audience should feel respected and they should be engaged in the event throughout. MC makes the speakers feel valued and side by side keeps the event on time. Another important responsibility is to keep everyone updated about what’s going on in the event.

  • Know the expectations from your role

MC should be aware about what her role demands. She should possess a good sense of humor and should be a practiced public speaker. MC should be able to work with the crowd. Being MC requires to be spontaneous so that she can improvise as and when required. For instance, if speaker requires some time to perform then it is the responsibility of the MC to keep the audience entertained for that period of time.

  • Researching

Doing your sort of research is essential in this process. Contact your key speakers who will be there in the event to find out their background information. Knowing the background of the performer or the speaker helps you sound genuine and personal when you construct introductions.

  • Remain organized

Create a plan layout or agenda for the event or review the provided agenda. Take in to consideration the time that is required to get off and on the stage. Make introduction for the guests and speeches or thanks giving by the guest.

  • Just continue

If you mess up during your anchoring or hosting then do not pause or interrupt yourself, just continue and carry forward the event. Your words should be properly audible so you should be speaking the words clearly and slowly but do not slow down too much or else you will sound sleepy and boring.


Jobs for MC

If you possess all the qualities that are required for becoming a good MC and looking for jobs in Delhi & NCR then you can surely contact Gurdasmal Hospitality & Consultancy Services. They provide opportunity to the talented youth who can learn (experience) and earn well easily. People in search of jobs can find ample of opportunities from the company to portray their talents.

They provide part time jobs of hostess and diva in the events. No special educational qualification is required to be a diva or hostess only behavioral and personality skills are required. The company is the best manpower service provider in Delhi & Noida. The company also deals with providing services in the field of Healthcare, Wellness, Tourism and Hospitality. It is working in association with Indian Chambers representing the Indian Industry in various fields to promote India as the destination for Services exports. The company also organizes / co-organizes / provides services in Exhibitions, Trade Fair, Convention, and Conferences etc.



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